September 6, 2008

Help!!! 3 yr Baby with `Spastic cerebral palsy` needs Treatment suggestions across the globe

                                                     Date: 6th Sep 2018

Dear All

I am placing this request to you on-behalf of my friend, whose 2nd daughter, a 3 year old baby suffering from Spastic cerebral palsy needs treatment options / suggestions.

Present Condition: 
Present Treatment:
  1. They take medicated oil from Ayurvedic practitioner and parents do the oil massage daily, leave it for 2 hours and bath the baby.
  2. Once in 3 months they go for occupational & speech therapy, stay for a week. And consult with Developmental paediatrician, Paediatric neuro and Paediatric ortho. 
  3. Is Stem Cells an option? 
   Changes are seen but the response to the treatment is very very slow.

    My humble request to anyone who reads this email is to find out from your friends / relatives in the medical field to see whether we have an effective / proven treatment anywhere in the world for Spastic cerebral palsy – be it Ayurvedic or allopathy or through spiritual leaders.

How can you help?
  • Put us in touch with specialist who treats or cured `Spastic cerebral palsy`
  • Reference to anyone who had seen children with similar ailment
    What-else the parents need on earth than seeing their child eat & walk without support.

Kindly spread the word with all your prayers and blessings for the child. Any information can be shared with the below email ids