December 2, 2020

Excited to present in AWS reInvent 2020

 Even in the virtual world, AWS went to reInvent their global annual conference and ensured to reach you.
I am pretty excited to present in AWS reInvent 2020 - DevChats on Understanding multi-account management

Here is my session recording if you have registered for reInvent 2020 & Slide Deck

Here is what went on behind the making of reInvent recording session after your topic was selected. Worth appreciating the effort gone for getting this mega virtual event up from AWS.

1. Received Recording Kit (iPod 12 32 GB, Ring Light with iPod holder, R-Series Backdrop, Tripod holder for Backdrop). I am equipped with a perfect recording kit.
2. 1-hour Tech Check Point with recording team
3. Uploaded the Slide Deck for review that was edited per process by Content Team
4.  1 hour of group training on making great presentations by Montanna (
5.  1:1 training/review with Montanna - quite interesting.
6.  Recording for 90 mins (slot is either 3:00 to 5:00 am or after 9:30pm IST). I choose early morning n weekend so that kids are out of reach. The upload took over 2 hours with 100 MBPS fiber-optic connection. Hats off to the technician who stood by for 4 to 5 hrs with one speaker 😌)
7.  Review the recording and get it fixed for deviations with 48 hours