November 8, 2019

Excited to speak at AWS re:Invent 2019 sharing Infor Nexus's Story

India 2019 series is coming to an end with a blog
Geared up for AWSreinvent 2019! Stop by DevChats on Dec 3, 2:00 PM - 2:30 PM to hear

October 15, 2019

Excited to be part of `AWS-UG Women Cebu`- official launch

Glad to join hands with Jocyln, to speak at  `Elevating Your Opportunities with Cloud Technology`, Cebu , Philippines and be part of the official launch of AWS-UG Women Cebu.
I will be talking on 
CI / CD using AWS Developer Tools covering the following
  • Overview of AWS Developer Tools like AWS CodeCommit, AWS CodeBuild, AWS CodeDeploy and AWS CodePipeline. 
  • Implementation of CI CD workflow with a 3 stage CodePipeline;  
    1. Pull the source code from two different repositories for WebApplication & Infrastructure Code
    2. Compile the code, generate artifact and upload to S3 
    3. Spin up the infrastructure using Cloud Formation Template followed WebApplication Deployment using the Artifact stored in S3.
  • Walkthrough of buildspec and appspec files
  • Debugging Build & Deployment
  • Rollback of deployment
  • How to gauge the metrics to DevOps.,

Invites on Linkedin, FB

October 14, 2019

AWS Community Day 2019 India Series

AWS Community Day 2019 India Series scaled up from 2 cities to 6 cities in a year and was amazing co-ordination within the AWS User Group Leads across the country, which made us enjoy the outstanding unity amidst the diverse culture to show-up a grandeur!

I am indeed proud and happy to co-organize & host in Bengaluru and present in 4 cities - Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai & Kochi. Loads of learning on the way from the community leaders, AWS Heroes, volunteers & delegates from all over India & outside.

Well, see what happens when a mom is working on a Slide Deck for a presentation!
I am blessed to have two lovely & curious hosts;
Given a choice, would be ready to do the entire presentation 😊

Core Contributors / Highlights

AWS UG Leads across user groups in India have put in tremendous effort to make these events successful and really worth mentioning how some key folks have been associated.

Jeevan was instrumental in guiding the first timers onboard quickly by sharing the lessons learnt in organizing AWS Community Day for the past three years.
Prashanth's Lanyard as agenda app & web site code was handy for some cities.
No wonder if these guys launch AWS Community Day as a Service soon 😊 

KonfHub was a partner for events in Bengaluru, Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai & Kochi. KonfHub was much more than a ticketing platform for the events - they contributed by spreading the word about the events in the community and helped by managing the finances & sponsorships. An interesting fact about KonfHub is that it is built on AWS, almost entirely serverless. Heartfelt thanks to Ganesh Samarthyam  & Hari Kiran!

Closing Note is indeed as remarkable as the Keynote where great speakers like Madhusudan Shekar, Rohini, Sourav Sen & Dijeesh spoke in different cities. Whereas at Bengaluru AWS Community Day, Runcy Ommen with his Alexa skill stole the show by picking up the lucky winner!

Thanks to the folks - JeevanParthaPrashanthIlan,  Pranesh, Gaurav Kamboj, SriDevi, Sukanya Mandal, Srushith, SathyajithRuncy & Vijaya Nirmala, who travelled to one or more cities to extend their support to strengthen the community or to share their knowledge with the enthusiastic learners. 

Diversity Program

Thanks to Rashmi Nambiar for being the driving force & a binding factor for the `India #AWSCommunity Day Series`. The inaugural #diversity program @ AWS User Group Bengaluru would have been a distant dream without her support. A collage from Rashmi on #WomenInTech participation in India #AWSCommunity Day Series. LinkedIn & Twitter


Here is the media coverage on AWS Heroes from India, AWS Community Days
  1.  Yourstory - AWS Community Day Bengaluru 2019
  2.  Times Of India - Techies are coming together to program a geekier nation
     What-else the silent contributors need than the appreciation from Andy Jassy, the voice of

  3. Corey Quinn highlighted about the TOI article as follows in his weekly news letter - issue 127
    I missed this highlight of the AWS Heroes Program by the largest newspaper in India.  
  4. Analytics India Magazine - Behind the code with the AWS Community Heroes
  5.  Pinkerala - AWS Community Day Kochi 2019 
  6.  Pinkerala - Video: AWS Community Day Kochi 2019 - A Round Up

ACD Experience

Here is my experience from 5 community days.

AWS Community Day Bengaluru 2019 - July 27th

AWS Community Day Chennai 2019 - August 10th

AWS Community Day Kolkata 2019 - Sep 14th

AWS Community Day Mumbai 2019 - Sep 28th

AWS Community Day Kochi 2019 - Oct 12th

You may also checkout AWS Community Day Ahmedabad 2019 which was driven by AWS Community Hero, Nilesh Velagala.

What day is it today?, an awakening phrase from Rashmi to kick start AWS Community Day :)
Those were lovely moments indeed.

With this, the AWS Community Day 2019 India Series is coming to a closure.
See you back with wonderful stories from 2020 series re-energised, replenished with new paradigm around #awscloud after re:Invent 2019 !

Well, 2020 series announcements are out even before stepping into the new year. Here you go with AWS Community Day Pune 2020.

October 13, 2019

AWS Community Day Mumbai 2019

AWS Community Day Mumbai 2019 was a two-day event - where 27th Sep 2019 was a focused event for Vidyalankar Students and 28th Sep 2019 was a day long fun-filled learning for AWS Community!

Pre-community day for Vidyalankar Students

Let’s build the future was our phrase where AWS User Group came together to support the budding engineers and entrepreneurs on cloud computing and prepare for the modern workforce. They all enthusiastically joined us for technical sessions, live demos, and networking with a community of engaged cloud practitioners.

Here was our moto..
AWS Heroes are coming your way,
To share their expertise and experience;
To show some cool stuff on the AWS Cloud;
And guide you to level-up. 
Come, enjoy the AWSomeness;
And collaborate with the AWS Heroes,
To discover the unborn talent in you,
And to open-up your mind for the endless possibilities.
And the session started with an exclusive opening note by Rohini, talks by Prashanth HN, Bhuvaneswari Subramani, Nilesh Vaghela and Aileen by panel discussion with AWS Heroes moderated by Rohini

That was a cool set out to Gateway of India and Marine Drive

Dinner @ Pizza By The Bay, Marine Drive

AWS Community Day 2019

Keynote by Aileen

College Staff who supported the event

The crew behind the show!

User Group Leads

Thanks to A Cloud Guru for sponsoring 5 premium gift vouchers with 1 year validity to unlock their course.

Here is the link to photos from pre-community day & community day in Mumbai,

AWS Community Day Kochi 2019 - A day long fun-filled learning!

AWS Community Day Kochi 2019 was the last one in the AWS Community Day India 2019 Series but the energy, excitement have increased manifold to be part of the first ever AWS Community Day hosted in God's own country.

AWS Community Day Kochi 2019 was very impressive with best agenda.

A 24 hour trip from home to back home was wonderful and experienced wide variety of talks in two parallel tracks and SageMaker & Serverless Workshops.


Keynote needs no special mention as it was delivered by none other than Madhusudan, the power house of unlimited tech tales. 

Well, I also got to speak on CI / CD using AWS Developer Tools.


Hands on workshop on AWS Amplify & AWS Sagemaker were highlight of the day with two super mentors Prashanth HN & Shajee Pulukkool.

Speaker Gallery

UG Leads across India 

Mindcurv Team

A special mention to the organizers for getting Women's T-Shirt for the women volunteers & speakers. Even the AWS re:Invent didn't give women's T-shirt either in the certification lounge or during the re-play party.

Malayalam is always music to the years! Enjoyed that melody and packed freshly fried Banana chips for the kids.

What day is it today ? A Mandatory Pic with Rashmi!

First met Rashmi Nambiar, the most dynamic & lively person at AWS re:Invent 2018 and later in AWS Summit in Mumbai & every AWS Community Day across India.
Posing together for a pic has become mandatory!

 AWS re:Invent 2018 Las Vegas

AWS Summit Mumbai 2019

AWS Community Day Bengaluru 2019

AWS Community Day Chennai 2019

AWS Community Day Kolkata 2019

Twitter -

AWS Community Day Mumbai 2019

AWS Community Day Kochi 2019
Twitter -

October 3, 2019

Fundamentals of Cloud Computing & AWS @ VCET, Erode

Vacation to hometown sometimes turns to be an interaction with budding engineers. I was super excited to present on Fundamentals of #CloudComputing & #AWS at Velalar College of Engineering and Technology, Erode based on the invite from Dr. Shakila Mathew , my mentor since 1996. I am sure that the spark you have ignited years ago is glowing now. Thank you, mam! 

It was indeed great conversation with Principal, Dr.M.Jayarama & Head of Computer Science department,  Dr.S.Jabeen Begum.

I had touched upon the following topics and the Slide Deck can be found here 

  1. Introduction to Cloud Computing
  2. Fundamentals of AWS
  3. Amazon Core Services
  4. Learning to Build on #awscloud
  5. My Journey

September 17, 2019

An AWSome day at Kolkata with AWS Community Day!

An AWSome day at Kolkata with AWS Community Day 2019 was a 24 hour journey from home to back home! We were indeed blown away by the convention centre & ambience. Wish we could have such a space within city limits of Bengaluru!

I was happy to share some information on "CI/CD using AWS Developer Tools" and here is a glimpse of it

A lot of great topics was covered in AWS Community Day Kolkata 2019 by diverse experts "Keynote: Chaos Engineering: Why Breaking Things Should Be Practiced" by Vikas Bajaj "The perimeter is dead – How cloud adoption is shifting security paradigms" by Venugopal Narasimhan "Breaking the Monolith Using AWS Container Services" by Pradyumna Dash "Cloud Data Management with Veeam & AWS" by Shuja Mirza "Panel Discussion: Enterprise Application on AWS" by Aurobindo Saha | Dipan Sengupta | Ritayan Banerjee | Dipankar Chakrabarti "Digital Transformation" by Amitabha Sinha "Panel Discussion: AWS Well-Architected Framework" by Kulbhushan Chand | Umashankar Nedunchezhian | Tarun Gupta "Medlife's journey on AWS from ZERO Orders to 6 digits mark" by Pranesh Vittal & Mohan Reddy "Alexa in Enterprise" by Ilanchezhian Ganesamurthy Machine Learning on resource constraint IoT Edge Devices using Amazon Greengrass - Sukanya Mandal "Panel Discussion: Serverless" by Sabyasachi Samanta | Subhasish Guha | Jagaran Das | Bikramjit Pal | Tejas Sheth

A Mandatory Pic with Rashmi & her lovely memento

Awesome speakers, wonderful audience & best ever closing note by Sourav. What-else needed to make a Community Day standout ?