December 27, 2016

Guest Lecture on `Industry Awareness` @ BIT Sathy

It is the time of the year again to visit my Alma Mater to address the highly energetic and enthusiastic final year Engineering students from Computer Science department upon the invite from our revered head of the department, Dr. Thangaraj.

The lecture was on Industry Awareness covering 3 major aspects to prepare the budding engineers for the onward journey when they set their foot loose from the compassionate college life to the competitive corporate world.

1. What does the Industry Expect from the emerging Engineers?
2. The other side of the coin for the Engineers. 
3. When do you quench your Entrepreneurial thirst? 

Followed by much involved students interaction and all is to inspire our juniors to dream more, to learn more and to do more in-turn to the society.

Guest Lecture @ BIT Sathy

Refer the link to certificate of appreciation  from the college for the Guest Lecture.