September 17, 2019

An AWSome day at Kolkata with AWS Community Day!

An AWSome day at Kolkata with AWS Community Day 2019 was a 24 hour journey from home to back home! We were indeed blown away by the convention centre & ambience. Wish we could have such a space within city limits of Bengaluru!

I was happy to share some information on "CI/CD using AWS Developer Tools" and here is a glimpse of it

A lot of great topics was covered in AWS Community Day Kolkata 2019 by diverse experts "Keynote: Chaos Engineering: Why Breaking Things Should Be Practiced" by Vikas Bajaj "The perimeter is dead – How cloud adoption is shifting security paradigms" by Venugopal Narasimhan "Breaking the Monolith Using AWS Container Services" by Pradyumna Dash "Cloud Data Management with Veeam & AWS" by Shuja Mirza "Panel Discussion: Enterprise Application on AWS" by Aurobindo Saha | Dipan Sengupta | Ritayan Banerjee | Dipankar Chakrabarti "Digital Transformation" by Amitabha Sinha "Panel Discussion: AWS Well-Architected Framework" by Kulbhushan Chand | Umashankar Nedunchezhian | Tarun Gupta "Medlife's journey on AWS from ZERO Orders to 6 digits mark" by Pranesh Vittal & Mohan Reddy "Alexa in Enterprise" by Ilanchezhian Ganesamurthy Machine Learning on resource constraint IoT Edge Devices using Amazon Greengrass - Sukanya Mandal "Panel Discussion: Serverless" by Sabyasachi Samanta | Subhasish Guha | Jagaran Das | Bikramjit Pal | Tejas Sheth

A Mandatory Pic with Rashmi & her lovely memento

Awesome speakers, wonderful audience & best ever closing note by Sourav. What-else needed to make a Community Day standout ?