June 23, 2020

Lockdown Learnings - Recap of April - June 2020

COVID-19 have taught us loads of untold life lessons and ofcourse laid a platform to share our knowledge manifold be it in Industry Conferences or to the Inquisitive Budding Engineers from various Engineering Colleges across India. 

Long pending in-person visits to the Engineering colleges turned to be an engaging online sessions. 

Can't believe that it turned out to be 5 Industry Conference and 5 College sessions.

Social Media links
  • Fundamentals of Cloud Computing & AWS, WiMLDS Mysore   

  • CI CD using AWS Developer Tools, AWS UG Delhi   

  • Application & Account Monitoring in AWS, AWS UG India  

  • Fundamentals of Cloud Computing & AWS, Bangalore Institute of Technology   

Upcoming conferences:

June 22, 2020

Infor Security Hero

Thank you Infor for recognizting with Infor Security Hero Award by Jodie Ward for "Developing your understanding and knowledge of cyber security threats not only demonstrates your commitment to safeguarding Infor’s information and assets, but also shows you understand the importance of cyber security awareness."