September 30, 2013

meCard - QR Code for Business Cards

Here is an the simplified version of “Smart” Business Cards, which can aid marketing. This involves printing a coded picture on the business card. Smart Phones can read the encoded data directly or using an external scanner.

These two dimensional codes are called QR Codes and can be used in business cards, email signatures, contact information in presentations, marketing collateral, etc.
For starters, we could include QR codes as part of our Business Cards. It is really simple to implement.
Try it:

·         Have an Android phone?

·         Download QR Droid from the App Market

·         Open the app, and focus it on the QR code in the below Business Card Template
meCard - Business Card Template
·         All information printed on the card is instantly retrieved to your phone. Now you can easily save all this contact information.
      [Note: Lesser information will have clear QR Code Image. ]

 What is QR Code?

                QR Code is Quick Response codes (2D barcodes in which data stored in both the dimensions), which can be scanned directly to read information into a Smart Device.

 Do I really need a QR Code on my Business card?

·         It is an easy way to store contact information on to your smart phone (for Android based Smart Phones, iPhone or Blackberry)

·         It is an effective marketing tool. Also helps easily provide contact information without carrying several business cards. A quick scan by a smart phone is all it takes.

Further Reading:

 Is there any Security Concern?

                User should be aware of the source.

How do you generate the QR code?

                You can generate the QR code for any input text using the following link

 Character Limitation:

                Recommended to limit the characters to 300 so that it can work on lower end smart phones as well.

How can you place it in our Business Card?

If you have a smart phone with QR Code scanner application, try scanning the QR code  on the above Business Card Template. We can either print the Contact Details in the form of QR Code either on Front or Back Side of the Business Card. Or we can even print QR code with different information at different places.

How to Read it in Smart Phone?

You can scan the QR Code using the applications readily available for Android, iPhone OS & Black Berry OS. You can also take a pic of it in the camera and decode it using the application.
Example: QR Droid for Android Platform.