December 21, 2018

Journey through re:Invent 2018

 I am humbled & pleased for the invite from
hashtagaws @AWSreInvent as one of the 5 recipients of AWS re:Invent 2018 Community Leader Diversity Scholarship and glad to meet Ana Luca Diegues , Zamira Jaupaj, Jocylyn Sy and many congratulations to Ayeni Oluwakemi, who couldn't make it for the event. Thank you Ross Barich for the warm welcome to us. My thanks to our AWS Community Heros Jeevan Dongre & Sathyajith Bhat, AWS Users Group Bengaluru and Rahul Jain for making this happen. Most importantly for helping me realize that Bengaluru, India to Las Vegas is not too far when you are with right community - hashtagawsugblr. I am sure Prashanth HN & Runcy Oommen on board as co-organizers are going to strengthen it further! Thanks to @InforIndia & @Vynessa Alexander for all their support. Couldn't let the wonderful experience at hashtagawsreinvent2018 along with Ana Luca Diegues Zamira Jaupaj & Jocylyn Sy fade away from our memory!, hence captured the rich experience at re:Invent 2018 into a series of blog posts on the AWS Users Group Bengaluru blog Journey through re:Invent 2018. Here is the official blog from Amazon - Meet the Women Building AWS Technical Communities Around the World.

For the lone wandered in the deserted city (rather the Desert City) exploring the Strip all alone on Saturday, Ana Luca Diegues & Zamira Jaupaj joined on the Sunday morning – 24th Nov 2018 and we all set out on a leisurely walk from New York New York & Casino hotel to The Venetian for AWS re:Invent 2018 registration. 
@ Red Canyon
Bhuvana, Zamira and Ana

For the first timer in Vegas & Nature lover, trip to Vegas is incomplete without visiting Grand Canyon & SkyWalk, hence covered it up as well. Climbing on to Guano Point and giving a broad smile hiding the trembling fear was really great experience with Jocylyn.
Guano Point

Me & Jocylyn

December 13, 2018

Women in Cloud Conclave

Thanks to Wipro Team for hosting Women in Cloud Conclave in Bengaluru and it was certainly first of its kind to provide a platform for `Women in Cloud` to come together to connect and converse and glad that I could make it to share more about my experience in working on AWS and hosting / attending conferences as part of

October 16, 2018

AWS Community Day Bengaluru 2018 - A Day well spent!

AWS Community Day Bengaluru 2018 hosted by AWS User Group Bengaluru, on 6th Oct 2018 at Ritz Carlton from dawn to dusk was a learner's paradise with 25+ talks around AWS Tools & offerings by AWS Users live on 3 different tracks Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced.

The most awaited event is to unveil the success stories, use cases & much more from industry leaders with the sole motto of spreading the community lead sharing / learning to reach far & wide to make the novice to pioneer & let them shine all the time.

It was indeed immaculate to enter Ritz Carlton, in the early morning
along with first rays of sunlight, which was already a hive of activity.

The Arena, brilliantly woven by Wone Creations is all set to welcome the Cloud Enthusiasts and glancing through glory will of-course reset your time-machine back to 6th Oct 2018. 


Sponsors & Community Partners

The Beginning

Here you go with the glimpse of how the AWS Community Day Bengaluru 2018 unfolded to unravel the industry trends and intricacies about innovative implementations from AWS Users & Industry Leaders.
We had everything in store for novice to pioneers, running the event in 3 parallel tracks for Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced; It was certainly a platform for AWS Enthusiasts to share their proven use-cases, technical insights of cool tools & hurdles hovered in their cloud journey.

  1. Keynote & Sponsors Talks
  2. Beginner Track 
  3. Intermediate Track 
  4. Advanced Track
  5. Closing Note

The Team behind  - know more..

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AWS Community Day Bengaluru 2018 - Closing Note

Excellent co-ordination from start to end stole the show and certainly have won accolades from attendees to speakers.
The word "appreciation" means to be thankful and express admiration, approval, or gratitude. It also means to grow or appreciate in value. As we appreciate life, we become more valuable both to ourselves and others.
Jeevan Dongre, AWS Community Hero & the Lead, AWS User Group, Bengaluru, proposed `Vote of Thanks` to all who made the event, an epitome of success.

Jeevan also announced the winners of the tweet contents held during the event and distributed goodies.
  1. Highest number of tweets
  2. Best Selfie tweets
  3. Most creative tweet related AWS / Community Day
  4. Random tweet
  5. Geek tweet

Intel's Lucky Draw Winners receiving their goodies..

AWS Community Day Bengaluru 2018 - Organizers

The Team behind

Kudos to the team - AWS Community Hero Jeevan Dongre, Sathyajith Bhat Prashanth HN Runcy Oommen Anand Mehta, Rahul Sawant, Mayank Pahwa, Sahil Sharma, Harsha Ramakrishna Krishna Muddi, Akhil VC and personally a great experience for me, to be part of the great minds.

AWS Community Day Bengaluru 2018 - Advanced Track

Success story of migrating entire infrastructure from AWS Singapore to AWS Mumbai

Database Architect,
Slide Deck
Part 1   Part 2

Advanced serverless application architecture and design considerations 

Co-Founder, Tensult
Slide Deck

An innocent's guide to ignoring best practices and living to tell the tale 

Amit Garde

VP Engineering, Swiggy
Slide Deck

Advanced cost management strategies in AWS

Solution Architect, Amazon Internet Services Private Limited
Slide Deck

CI/CD using AWS developer tools

Director, Engineering Operations, GT Nexus an Infor Company
Vijaya Nirmala G
DevOps Cloud Engineer – Solutions, Sonata Software

Building a secured SaaS - little simple things done early can pay in long run.

Vice President of Engineering, Postman
Slide Deck

The Host of the Track

AWS Community Day Bengaluru 2018 - Beginner Track

Serverless Application Architecture

CTO, Innoval Digital Solutions
Slide Deck

Build, train and deploy your ML models with Amazon SageMaker

Member of Technical Staff, Adobe
Slide Deck

Lambda land: Running a ticketing platform for less than $2 a month! 

Srushith R
Head of Engineering, CodeOps Technologies
Slide Deck

Architecture of scalable and resilient apps with GraphQL, Amazon RDS and AWS Lambda 

Engineer, Hasura
Slide Deck

Lessons learnt in CI/CD with AWS Serverless Architecture

Engineer, Altran Engineering
Slide Deck

DynamoDB, RDS and IoT integration challenges and solutions

Sr. Software Development Engineer
Slide Deck

Identify Federation with AS Cognito

Software Development Engineer, Altran
Slide Deck

An Ops discovery of Serverless

Ninad Pundalik

Member of Technical Staff, Adobe
Slide Deck

AWS Serverless Infrastructure - Integration testing

Member of Technical Staff, Adobe
Slide Deck

The Host of the Track