October 6, 2018

CI/CD using AWS Developer Tools @ AWS Community Day Bengaluru 2018

I was indeed glad to join hands with Nirmala Gopal to co-present on CD/CD using AWS Developer Tools at the 2nd edition of AWS Community Day Bengaluru 2018 held at Ritz Carlton on 6th Oct 2018.Thanks to AWS User Group Bengaluru for the great community lead collaborating learning platform and I was happy to be part of the elite group to organise / host the event. 


  • An overview of AWS CI CD Services
  • 3 use cases leveraging AWS CI CD Services
  • Template files used in CodeBuild, CodeDeploy and Serverless Application Deployment.  
  • How do you debug you build or deployment failures? 
  • And how do you rollback in case of failure
  • Details around Generic Pipeline
  • Metrics to gauge DevOps 

Well, this was not an AWS Developer Tools 101 course! But was more about how AWS developer tools can be leveraged to create a powerful and scalable developer environment that can help you to get the code changes from the source to production faster than ever.

Refer http://bit.ly/AWSCICD_Slides and a blog http://bit.ly/AWSCICDLAB on Lab Series with 3 important workflows leveraging AWS Developer Tools.

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