March 9, 2019

Thank you, BIT Sathy! Alumnae Excellence Award was an overwhelming honour!

I never thought I would have a memorable day than my graduation day until the International Women's Day 2019 Celebration at Bannari Amman Institute of Technology, Sathyamangalam, District, TamilNadu.
A hearty warming verbal invitation for women's day a month ago by Dr. A. Bharathi, HOD IT Department, unfolded into a lovely invitation a week ago and later was pleasantly surprised by an overwhelming honour from our beloved Chairman Thiru. S. V. Balasubramaniam, Trustee Mr. M.P. Vijayakumar, Principal Dr. C. Palanisamy, Dean Mr. Thangaraj & HOD Dr. A. Bharathi. My hearty congratulations to fellow awardees - KaligaSelvi Lenin & S P Srivalli.

Let me transform that buoyant experience into an ever-green blog to express my thanks to the BIT family!

My mom always had an unfulfilled wish that she couldn't make it for my engineering graduation day for various reasons and I made sure that she accompanied me this time. I am sure she would have felt more happy than ever for being part of this memorable ceremony. My wholehearted appreciation to all those vacation-less class - especially my mom and mom-in-law for all their round the clock toil to send us out to enjoy the world around; most importantly standing by me to continue my career under various circumstances.

We get to have an hour of conversation with Chairman & Trustee about the exponential growth that BIT have gone through over the years. Started with few classrooms with 100+ students in 1996 eventually grown manifold to house close to 7k students with world class facilities. Skill Development Program, Women Development Cell, Special Interest Group, Support for Entrepreneurial thirst in Alumnae are some of the highly commendable facilities at BIT. I was completely amazed by the five storied library with who lot of national & international journals. The list goes on & on, so let me shift the focus to International Women's Day Celebration 2019 at BIT :)


BIT Entrance was decked-up with Rangoli and floral decorations along with cheerful students and staff to welcome on this special occasion.

Welcome Address

Principal Dr. C. Palanisamy extended the Welcome Address on the 2019 International Women's Day Celebration at BIT.

Annual Report

Annual report on the women empowerment activities carried out through-out the year by Women's Development Cell was read by Ms. A Swetha, Student Coordinator WDC.

Presidential Address

Chairman Thiru S V Balasubramaniam spoke elegantly about how important is to empower, encourage women to come forward to achieve great heights. It was good to know that 37% of the college staffs are women and they are working towards 50% in the coming years. He remembered several women achievers in various fields and spoke about their greatness.  

Special Address

Trustee Mr. M.P. Vijayakumar brought the hardships that women go-through to balance to be working mother & caring daughter-in-law.

Awarding Ceremony

Bhuvaneswari Subramani

Kaliga Selvi Lenin

S P Srivalli


 Award Acceptance Speech

Bhuvaneswari Subramani 
On 2019 Women's Day, receiving a honorary Award from BIT,

  • who had lit the lamp of consciousness in me; 
  • who had enabled me to embrace the external competencies,
  • who is the sole reason for what I am
brings in the eternal bliss, self-contentment & pride.
Also spoke about how I became an accidental engineer, my experience as working mom and few suggestions to the budding engineers.

Kaliga Selvi Lenin 
Kaliga expressed her sincere thanks for inviting her over for such a prestigious award and spoke about how students can stay abreast with the trending technologies like Robotics, Water Irrigation, Conservation and IOT. As an IoT specialist, she emphasised on tremendous transformation expected in next few years as a result of IoT enablement in every field.

S P Srivalli
Srivalli expressed her over joy in receiving such a wonderful award from Alma Mater was certainly close to her heart and kept the students engaged in talking about women empowerment. Also shared her views of how the Alumnae can give back to the institution. 

Cultural Program

Any function in college would be incomplete without a cultural program and of-course International Women's Celebration at BIT was nay an exception. We had two mesmerising Bharatanatyam - Indian classical dance performance by students that stole the show.

Vote of Thanks

To conclude the wonderful event, Dr. A. Bharathi, Coordinator WDC proposed the Vote of Thanks
and the event ended with National Anthem.

Visit to Agri Engineer's Farm

Department of Agriculture Engineering, relatively young department in BIT offers 4 years BE- Agriculture Engineering course. To impart the knowledge on crop cultivation aspects from seed to harvest, the department has a 10 acres farm along with well-equipped soil science, agriculture metrology and crop husbandry labs. We got a chance to tour around the farm where students have cultivated organically and at the same time with modern technology.
Dear BIT,
I am totally impressed, fascinated and thrilled by the way agriculture engineering students have been farming.  If at all you would offer me a Diploma course (with age no bar), I would love to take-up one and switch to organic farming now, which I anyways wanted to do post retirement :) .

Warm Send Off

BIT is known for its hospitality and we were hosted with yummy lunch with all home grown vegetables before we bid farewell to our Chairman, Trustee and Staff. It was such memorable day & wonderful thoughts to carry along but not sure whether I did justice to describe it in a single blog post.
Few words with nativity about the veggie pack that was sent along..
அன்னை வீட்டுக் கொல்லைப்புறத்திலிருந்து பங்காகப் பயிரிட்டதுபோல் இயற்கைமுறையில் வேளாண்மை பொறியியல் மாணாக்கர்களால் பயிரிடப்பட்ட அவரைக்காய், பாகற்காய், முட்டைகோஸ், பீட்ரூட், முள்ளங்கி, பீர்க்கங்காய், தக்காளி, குடைமிளகாய்  மற்றும் எழில்  மிகு காளான் அனைத்தும் சீர் வரிசைபோல் பாங்காக 
பொட்டலம் கட்டி தந்து வாசல் வரை வந்து வழியனுப்பினமைக்கு மனமார்ந்த நன்றி.

We women should cherish the blessing of being a woman every moment and most importantly never forget to thank the men who have been behind our success, be it your father, brother, spouse, your mentors, classmates, colleagues or friends.

Going by the theme of the year, Let's #BalanceForBetter!!!

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